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Aaron Coe

Executive Director of Expansion: Office of Louie Giglio

Passion City Church | Passion Conferences | sixstepsrecords

“Matt Rogers is an intelligent, thorough and efficient writer.  I have known Matt for many years and have worked with him directly on several projects.  Matt is extremely gifted in taking an idea and turning it into action immediately.  Matt’s ability to get a carefully crafted, in-depth narrative on paper is second to none.  Most recently, Matt served as the lead writer on a project that I was the General Editor for, The Jesus Bible.  This study Bible is releasing in the winter of 2017 with Harper Collins Publishers and contains 250,000+ words of new study notes that show the continuity of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.  Matt was a primary catalyst for the completion of this project.” 

Dustin Willis

Author of Life on MissionLife in Community, and The Simplest Way to Change the World

“I have worked with Matt Rogers on numerous writing projects from articles, to blogs, to books and would highly recommend Matt over any other editors I have worked with through the years. His ability to learn my voice and drive towards powerful content is at the highest level of excellence. His editing skills are bar-none but the content additions that Matt brings are not only strong but always ahead of the deadlines that are set. Without question, Matt has a gift for editing a writing that will enhance any content.” 

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Micah Millican

Send Network, North American Mission Board

"I've known and worked closely with Matt Rogers for five years. I am continually amazed at Matt's ability to create solid content. Of all the writers that I've worked with, Matt is by far the most competent and capable. Beyond his writing abilities, Matt is also uniquely gifted with editing and shaping the content of other writers we work with. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of working with Matt is that he is dependable. Matt has never missed a deadline and has stepped in multiple times to produce quality content when someone else missed theirs. I could not recommend Matt more strongly to someone looking for assistance.”

Brandon Clements

Pastor and Author of The Simplest Way to Change the World and Every Bush is Burning

“Matt is a straight up prodigy with creating and editing content. I have been amazed by his ability and speed on multiple occasions in various projects I've worked with him on--the last of which was when he both read and totally re-arranged a book I was writing in less than 3 hours. Matt has a genuine, impressive gift when it comes to content creation and sharpening, and I've already decided I'll do whatever it takes to involve him in anything I write in the future.”
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